The ATHENS week permits participants from different institutions to take short courses of a high scientific level and to mix with students of different nationalities and backgrounds. About 60 courses are offered at each ATHENS Session and cover a wide range of thematic, from engineering to social sciences. The objective is to give students a brief immersion in another European education system.

“European dimension” activities are organised to complement the course a student follows. The purpose is to permit ATHENS students to better know the course organising institution, as well as the European city where the course is held. Of special importance is the possibility to mix with students of different nationalities and backgrounds during these activities. A detailed programme for each site participating in the Session is provided by the host institution. Cultural activities are an integral part of an ATHENS Session; participation is thus mandatory.

Travel costs, by bus, second class train or special reduced group flights costs from one institution to another vary tremendously. ATHENS home institutions may assist students in finding the cheapest rate possible.

The participants are themselves responsible to search, book and pay accommodation (please contact your local coordinator to check if your home university provides scholarships). However, every ATHENS institution provides recommandations of hotels and hostels at reasonable prices (simple kind of accommodations). Students are free to choose from these options, or to search on their own.