Advanced Technology Higher Education Network

The ATHENS Network is made up of 15 leading European technological universities. The network organises intensive short-duration courses at each member institution.

The programme was established with the support of the European Comminities SOCRATES programmme receving an anunual subsidy of 50,000 Euros from 1997-2001. Today, programme is mainly founded by contributions from the member institutions. The ATHENS Programme is aimed at carrying out intensive specialization courses, given at each member institution during one or two defined periods ("Sessions") of the academic year (November and March), enabling students to attend one of the courses offered by the network universities during 7 days. This experience, in many cases, gives students the desire to carry out studies of a longer duration (MSc and PhD levels) at an institution different from their home institution and thus facilitates exchanges between students of the major European technological institutions.

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ATHENS PROGRAMME - November 2022 Session - Incoming Students

Vital Message

Dear Students, We are very glad you are interested in taking part in a course organized by Istanbul Technical University. Please note that due to possible change in the level of Covid-19 restrictions, our courses may switch to on-line.

We expect you on Saturday, November 12th, at around 20:00. Please make sure you arrive on time. There will be welcome dinner as part of the EDA. Fee (50 EUR) will be collected upon arrival in Euros.

Consider your transportation in Istanbul will take around 2 hours.

Second step of the European Dimension Activities will be held on Sunday, November 13th. On Monday morning, November 14th, we are planning an official opening of November 2022 session. After the opening the classes will start.

Friday, November 18th - official closing of the ATHENS November 2022 session in the afternoon after classes. In the evening, ITU students plan to take you to the goodbye party.

Saturday, November 19th - departure day.

As ITU, we are arranging Wabi Sabi Hostels located in Taksim. It takes around 30 minutes with metro to reach ITU Maslak Campus, where the lectures will be held. Wabi Sabi Hostel Costs:

  • 6 beds with no bathroom at 17€ per night. with breakfast and taxes.
  • 4 beds with no bathroom at 18€ per night. with breakfast '
  • 6 beds superior w/bathroom at 19€ per night. with breakfast ' 

This is only suggestion and you are free to browse the Internet and select an accommodation that you prefer. Please make sure that you book accommodation with flexible cancellation policy as neither home nor host universities will be able to offer any reimbursements in case of course cancellation or switch to virtual mode.

Please inform us if you are going to arrange your own accomodation. 

Classes will take place from Monday, November 14th to Friday, November 18th. You will receive detailed timetable before the beginning of the session.

Organization of EDA will depend on the level of restrictions in November. We are planing to have EDA on Saturday Night and all of Sunday, November 13th. More detailed information will be provided in due course.

There are 2 different airports in Istanbul.

  • Istanbul Airport (IST), 42 km to the city centre, located in European side of Istanbul.
  • Sabiha Gökçen Airport (SAW), 44 km to the city centre, located in Asian side of Istanbul.

Istanbul Airport (IST)

For those who are going to use Istanbul Airport (IST), there is only one way to reach city centre, Havaist. Havaist is a bus organisation operates 24/7. Through this link you can buy your ticket. You can use your ticket within 30 days. Therefore, we advise you to buy ticket before leaving your home-country. Ticket costs 67 TL approx. 3.72 €.

Sabiha Gökçen Airport (SAW)

For those who are going to use Sabiha Gökçen Airport (SAW), there are two ways to reach city centre, Havaist and Metro.

Havaist is a bus organisation operates 24/7. Through this link you can buy your ticket. You can use your ticket within 30 days. Therefore, we advise you to buy ticket before leaving your home-country. Ticket costs 50 TL, approx. 2.77 €.

To use metro, first of all İstanbulKart should be bought. To buy İstanbulKart you can watch this video. IstanbulKart is the only payment method for the public transportation in the city. It should be bought in order to travel between hotel and the campus.

Take the metro from Sabiha Gökçen Airport to Ünalan Station. (Follow the PINK LINE M4 )

From Ünalan, get on the METROBUS to Gayrettepe Station. (Follow the LIGHT BROWN LINE METROBUS )

Take the metro from Gayrettepe to Taksim Station. (Follow the GREEN LINE M2)

This line is operated at night during weekends (Friday and Saturday night). You can use alternative lines to reach TAKSIM SQUARE. Check the whole map here.

You can check fares here. Note that you will not be considered as student for transportation, that is why full fare will be charged. For this journey around 30 TL (approx. 1.66 €) will be charged (costs may increase at night).

We advise you to use Havaist if you are not familiar with the city.

Gülben Demir

ATHENS Programme Coordinator

Please do not hesitate to contact us.

In addition, WhatsApp Group will be created and invitation links will be sent before the arrival.

We will be looking forward to meeting you in ISTANBUL.