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by İTÜ | Nov 11, 2019
Istanbul Technical University (ITU) and Vodafone have joined forces to develop technologies of the future and produce in Turkey.
ITU Vodafone Future Lab is going to develop technologies of the future in Turkey

Istanbul Technical University (ITU) and Vodafone have joined forces to develop technologies of the future and produce in Turkey.
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Project groups formed of ITU students at the ITU Vodafone Future Lab, a technology center opened at the ITU Ayazağa campus with the said cooperation, are able to develop new technology solutions.  With the support of Vodafone, these solutions will then have the opportunity to be transformed into products and exported worldwide.  Businesses will personally be presented with the opportunity of experiencing the technologies of the future at the ITU Vodafone Future Lab.  Vodafone, which carries out activities with the vision of a leadership of Turkey’s digitalization, has joined forces with Istanbul Technical University for Turkey’s digital future.  The latest developed activations at IoT and 5G will be displayed at the ITU Vodafone Future Lab, the first smart technology center in its field.  By presenting companies the opportunity of experiencing future technologies first hand, new age technology solutions fit for their needs are going to be developed. At the center, where the Vodafone Group’s technology knowledge in the field of Internet of things (IoT) will be transferred, aims to allow the digitalization of establishments in parallel to transposing their business manner and contributing to expanding their business through the advantage of competition that they will attain.  Additionally, new technology solutions that will be developed by project groups at the center formed of ITU students will also be transformed into products and then exported worldwide with the support of Vodafone.  Following the centers established by Vodafone in Spain, Italy, Germany, UK, the center now established in Turkey carries the feature of being a technology center through a university collaboration.
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The official opening of the ITU Vodafone Future Lab, based at the ITU Information Technologies Center was carried out with the participation of Mr. Ömer Fatih Sayan, Deputy Minister for Transportation and Infrastructure, Prof. Mehmet Karaca, Rector of ITU and Vodafone Turkey CEO, Mr. Coleman Deegan. 

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Rector Karaca: “ITU Vodafone Future Lab will provide a study opportunity for students and academics on new age technologies.”

In his opening speech Rector Karaca stated that another important step was taken towards carrying out the goals of a third generation university.  At the ITU Vodafone Future Lab Rector Karaca underlined that researchers will meet new age technologies in the field of IoT, VR and Artificial Intelligence and went onto say “Our smart technology base will not only be laboratory where Vodafone’s current technologies will be experienced but will also an innovation center where our graduate and undergraduate scholarship students can develop projects with nearly all national partners.

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Colman Deegan: 
We are positioning ITU Vodafone Future Lab as Turkey’s “Technology base.”

Vodafone Turkey’s CEO Mr. Colman Deegan, went onto say in his speech: 

“We are proud to open the ITU Vodafone Future Lab, our center that we are positioning as Turkey’s technology base, where we have transferred the Vodafone Groups experience, the world’s largest IoT service provider through the number of objects it has attributed.  With this center, which is special place where we have brought future technologies together with Turkey, we are carrying forward the investments we have actualized within the focus of IoT and artificial intelligence in Turkey on track of 5G.   In this center, where we display the solutions of 34 smart technologies which as Vodafone we have developed in the areas of remote management, effective working and operational excellence with nearly all national 30 partners, we provide establishments to experience future technologies first hand and develop solutions for their needs.  In accordance to this, we are providing opportunities to all establishments to get together with these training groups and reach for smart solutions fit for their own establishment, whether public, private, or those who wish to prepare for future competitions or those who wish to expand their establishments.  ITU Vodafone Future Lab will serve as a technology base that will prepare Turkey for new competitions in a world which is becoming wiser through fast digitalization.”
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The door of ITU Vodafone Future Lab is open to all establishments in Turkey

ITU Vodafone Future Lab, which provides the opportunity to closely research the new world brought on by Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud technology for establishments and companies and is formed of 4 various areas, an end to end solutions area, Vodafone Innovation Workshop Room, 5G Room, ITU R&D area.  Solutions such as 5G applications among innovative product and services that can be experienced, smart city technologies, smart energy systems, smart agricultural systems, smart vehicle systems, digital retail services, hybrid cloud, cloud switchboard and Red control are solutions are included. 
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Cases are exhibited in the 5G room

At the center, everyone is able to experience the innovative product and services that Vodafone has produced, whether a Vodafone customer or not.  Example cases brought on by new age technologies for various sectors will be exhibited at the 5G room.  Vodafone Turkey will continue to contribute to strengthening the work of establishments through organizing innovation workshop days at the ITU Vodafone Future Lab for its digital business partners, thus designing innovative solutions designed for their special needs.
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About ITU Vodafone Future Lab 

At the Vodafone Future Lab, which has commenced its activities within the ITU structure, our undergraduate and graduate students and academia will be able to carry out studies that own a potential of creating innovation and directly towards the industry.  While projects carried out in the fields of Information Technology and communication has been determined, meetings are being held with students, ITU academic advisors and Vodafone R&D teams and joint decisions are being made.  The thesis subjects that are currently being carried out are;

  • Internet of things based systems with Energy Storage 
Ecologist Communication Web Optimization 
  • 5G Smart Antenna Design 
  • Electromagnetic Field Distribution of 5G devices
  • Machine Learning Based Social Interaction 
  • Machine Learning Based The process which takes a subscriber to another operator