ITU Becomes a founder member of a European University Alliance

by İTÜ | Feb 08, 2019
ITU has launched the “European Engineering, Learning Innovation and Science Alliance (EELISA)” together with Europe’s 8 leading partner universities

Rector Mehmet Karaca and the Istanbul Technical University delegation led by him met with rectors and delegations of Europes distinguished universities in Madrid, on January 29th, 2019.

Istanbul Technical University (Turkey), Madrid Polytechnic University (Spain) Budapest Technology and Economy University (Hungary), Bucharest Polytechnic University (Romania), Friedrich Alexander University of Erlangen-Nürnberg (Germany), and 4 Graduate Engineering Schools (Chimie ParisTech, École des Ponts et Chaussées ParisTech, ENSTA ParisTech, Mines ParisTech) of ParisTech (France) joined forces and their teaching and research potential to form “EELISA, the European Engineering Learning Innovation and Science Alliance”.

The founding declaration, inclusive of the alliance goals, was signed at a ceremony organized by Madrid Polytechnic University. As is known, the European Commission published an Erasmus+ call towards establishing 20 European Universities by 2025.  Members of EELISA, including the ITU team have been working together more than 8 months for preparing a response to this call.


EELISA, has an objective to reinforce the progress of European Union’s values in general within the scope of the aims of constituting a European University in the near future. It is going to play a significant guiding role to higher education institutions in all sectors of European higher education fields and beyond. EELISA will adapt university strategies in accordance with the goals of sustainable development. It will encourage and support the mobility of engineering students, academic and administrative staff. The connections between higher education, business world and society within the sector will be strengthened. The partners, who are focusing on creating an engineering diploma at master level, valid in all of Europe, will also develop a strong collaboration for undergraduate and PhD levels, after 2020. EELISA members will reinforce their existing corporation in the field of European Higher Education and Research.


EELISA, whose abbreviated name brings to mind the name of Elisa Leonida Zamfirescu (Europe’s first Romanian female engineer, who has left a mark in many European countries) places great importance to gender equality:  it underlines the necessity of women owning the same rights in the engineering profession and social life.


Nine (9) universities and graduate engineering schools which have been collaborating for 20 years (within the framework of the ATHENS exchange program under the coordination of Mines ParisTech) have, due to the newly formed EELISA, brought together 170 thousand students and personnel in order to constitute a European University to carry out demanding goals until 2025. The first 3 years of the broad visioned project is aimed to form a European Engineer degree at master level that will be valid in all of Europe.  Education and experiences in the relevant sector will be widely shared. The relationship between higher education and scientific research will be strengthened and learning through scientific research will be supported.  For the present, courses in the subjects of “Smart, Green and Resilient Cities” and “Industry4.0”, which are found to be priority by the European Commission will be presented within the scope of student and academic exchange in the first 3 years.  Support for collaboration between laboratory and teams working in the said 2 fields will be provided.  In the near future, not only will the two fields expand, but also as mentioned before, the areas of undergraduate and doctorate will also be jointly worked on. 

The European Network for Accreditation of Engineering Education will support EELISA projects as an advisor partner.

The EELISA European University project is formed of 5 chapters: 1) Organization and Management, 2) Education, 3) Link between Education, Research and Innovation, 4) Partnerships between university and businessworld/society, 5) Communication, sharing and spreading project results with the society.   İTÜ has undertaken the leadership of sub-project “link between education, research and innovation” and has contributed to 4 others sub-projects.