Big Bang Set A New Record: Giant Support In The Amount Of 21 Million TL

by İTÜ | Nov 30, 2018
Big Bang Start-up Challenge, which ranks the best enterprise of the year, has met with more than 3000 participants at Uniq Istanbul within the atmosphere of entrepreneurship and innovation.
Big Bang Start-up Challenge, which ranks the best enterprise of the year, has met with more than 3000 participants at Uniq Istanbul within the atmosphere of entrepreneurship and innovation.  


Big Bang Start-up Challenge, which provides the highest amount of financial support for enterprises in the world, is organized this year with a huge amount of participants.  20 finalists who have been chosen among thousands of entrepreneurial teams, some semi-finalist groups in the foyer and İTÜ seed entrepreneurs receiving their second round investment, are awarded by a total amount of 21 million TL prize and investment. 


The first three rank in Bing Bang: Reminis APP, WatchX, FilameX

Project groups that are ranked out of 20 finalists respectively are; Reminis APP which is a photography distribution application using face recognition technology, WatchX, which is a smart watch enabling children to learn coding easily and FilameX, which produces consumables for 3-D printers by using recycled mini filmanent. Reminis APP, ranked 1st, received a prize of 771.000 TL, WatchX, ranked 2nd, received the prize of 437.000 TL and finally FilameX received a prize of 415.000 TL. 



 Other 17 technology enterprises stood out of thousands of enterprises are; Akıllı Magnet, AkıllıBES, BenzinLitre, Hextech Green, Drivee, Kodeco, Hippist, Hyggefood Company, Intenseye, Iltema, Kobaküs, Laska Enerji, Micro-S Biyoteknoloji,
Otomazone, PetSurfer, Vagustim and Wollox. 


 Big Bang stage is not only limited to enterprises of the year. During the event, some enterprises succeeded in attracting investment in the recent years have also succeeded in drawing a second round of investment in the amount of 12 million TL in Big Bang 2018.

İTÜ ARI Teknokent Entrepreneurs are awarded. 

The host İTÜ ARI Teknokent awarded 5 enterprises with İTÜ Seed in close office, 6 enterprises by Innogate Prize whereas other enterprises are awarded by İTÜ MAGNET and open offices. Big Bang Start-up Challenge 2018 has also performed outstandingly considering the number of the companies in support of new enterprises. More than 40 supporters, 10 investment firms and angel investors network and 2 personal investors including İstanbul Chamber of Industry, Elginkan Foundation, Union of Uludağ Automative Industry Exporters, Enerjisa Energy, Allianz, Anadolu Efes, Anadolu Sigorta, ING Bank, TEB, Softtech, Arıkovanı, Koç Finans, 3M Türkiye, Innova and Vodafone provided investment and grants for future promising enterprises. 
Besides financial grants, the winners of Big Bang Start-up Challenge will also benefit from all opportunities provided by İTÜ Seed without any service fee for a period of one year. 

Rector, Prof. Mehmet Karaca:  “We support entrepreneurships with all our power, without discrimination”


Rector Karaca, who evaluated the Big Bang Start-up Challenge first remarked on how high the participation was this year and then continued by sharing data regarding the university’s support provided to enterprise projects.  Rector Karaca stated that since 2012 İTÜ Seed has provided support to 1797 enterprises and 4233 entrepreneurs and he also underlined that the İTÜ Seed enterprises total valuation, which received more than 50 million TL in investment, is 650 million TL and total endorsement has exceeded 65 million TL.

Karaca stated that this performance also reflected on employment and went on to say that in only 7 years, İTÜ Seed opened the road to success to 388 enterprises and incorporated the project teams, creating job opportunities for more than 1400 people.  Later adding that this exciting race did not only stop at providing financial assistance but also determined rather selective standards towards the evaluation of enterprises, and without discrimination, brings many entrepreneurs with brilliant business ideas together with the right financiers.

İTÜ ARI Teknokent General Manager, Associate Prof. Deniz Tunçalp:  “We are working to provide more funds for entrepreneurs”


Associate Prof. Deniz Tunçalp, Manager of İTÜ ARI Teknokent, stated that they have established a unique entrepreneurship ecosystem and mentioned the great efforts that lie behind İTÜ Seed being Europe’s 2nd and the world’s 3rd incubation center.

Tunçalp went onto say that the Big Bang Start-up Challenge final meant huge excitement for all the teams at İTÜ ARI Teknokent and mentioned that the project teams market successes and other statistical data’s are very good.  Tunçalp, who stated that they wanted to increase the number of partners in order to extend the İTÜ entrepreneurship ecosystem, also said, “One of Turkey’s first digital factories is materializing within İTÜ ARI Teknokent with the support of Istanbul Development Agency (ISTKA) All entrepreneurs who wish to produce a prototype will find the solutions they are looking for.  We are bringing a machine park together, which has never come together before in our country.  We will render its service to all of Turkey in the forthcoming days.”

About İTÜ Seed

İTÜ Seed early stage incubation center is Europe’s 2nd and the world’s 3rd incubation center and operates for entrepreneurs who wish to transform their ideas into commercial products or services.  İTÜ Seed, who has provided support to hundreds of enterprises for their success and incorporation since its establishment in 2012, has supported 1797 enterprises and 4233 entrepreneurs throughout the country.  İTÜ seed, which has received 50 million TL in investment has a total of over 650 million TL of endorsement.  İTÜ seed has goals in terms of increasing the entrepreneurship ecosystem, quality of enterprises, success in the world market and increasing the number of enterprises.   Additionally, it also is in collaboration with many partners from the private and public sector.

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