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My Life in Istanbul

Adili,Yisilayin (Beihang University

     First of all, I’d like to thank all of my teachers and friends who had supported and helped me during my stay in ITU.I enjoyed the life in ITU due to my friends and helpful teachers.

     When I arrived at Istanbul, the people left a good impression on me. First, when we got off the plane, two Turkish students came up to us and after being informed we are foreigners, they helped us to buy the subway tickets and told us how to go to our destination. Besides, in the subway many people, who can speak English well ,came up to us and asked us where we were going and told us the best ways to go there. Even one guy got off the subway with us and helped us to transfer to another subway and then went back to his line. Those details firstly showed us the people in Turkey are helpful and kind.

     During the first several weeks I was a little bit disappointed, because I thought most people were good at English in Istanbul since Istanbul is one of the most famous and popular cities around the world, but unfortunately most people outside the school cannot speak English, and it was difficult for us to do some procedures. However thanks to our helpful teachers and assistants, we completed all of our procedures successfully.

In ITU, although I was busy with my graduation project and courses, I enjoyed my life there. I liked my Turkish language class, our teacher was so interesting and always made the class funny by telling interesting stories. I also liked the campus, it’s big and there are many trees and grass which make the campus look like a park. At the beginning I ate in different restaurants, and found that the food in Turkey is totally different from our food, we mainly eat noodles and rice, but in Turkey there are few noodles and rice. I really liked the food in the main canteen, they are cheap but delicious, and every day there are different foods including sweets and fruits. Unfortunately, the main canteen is not open on weekends.

Istanbul is a beautiful city and it is good to have an experience of studying there. Here in Beijing it is also good to travel and study, and in our Beihang university(shorten from “Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics,BUAA”
there are also many Turkish students studying and they said they liked here ,so we really welcome ITU’s students and teachers to come to our university for visiting or studying and have special experiences by meeting different cultures and visiting different places.

Finally, I really appreciate those who gave me a chance and supported me to study in ITU, it is one of the most precious experiences in my life. Here are some pictures of our Beihang University below and welcome to Beijing.