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April 07, 2015 

ITU International Office has initiated a Study Abroad Series, presenting our students and scholars education and research opportunities in specific countries. The first of these seminar series started with Australia, in light of the ANZAC centenary, to be commemorated between 2001-2018. 

Please find the full bulletin about this event below. 


July 07, 2014


Istanbul Technical University has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Nagoya University (Japan) in order to stimulate exchange of graduate level students (Masters and PhD), academic staff, researchers and personnel and both have agreed to engage with mutual scientific research.

The protocol which was signed during the courtesy visit paid by the Vice-Rector of Nagoya University on June 20, 2014, will be in effect until March 31, 2021. 
The ITU academics that have invaluable contribution in the establishment of this extensive collaboration are listed below.

Prof. Dr. Ata Mugan has been a board member of Graduate Program for Global Leaders in Data Circulation and has contributed at a great extent during writing phase of the project. 

Assist. Prof .Dr. Pinar Boyraz has demonstrated all of her efforts to disperse the scientific collaboration that she has established in Japan through her own scientific research. To this end, 2 Japanese Researchers have worked at MEAM lab for a period of 1 month. Dr Boyraz has visited Japan for three times since 2010 to introduce her own scientific research and her institution, ITU. With the launch of Graduate Program for Global Leaders in Data Circulation which is the basis of ITU-Nagoya collaboration, Prof. Boyraz is assigned as the Coordinator in charge of extensive summer school program, which will be held by ITU during 2015-2016 summer term with the participation of a successful group of international student from Nagoya University. 

Assist. Prof. Dr. Atakan Altinkaynak is the co-coordinator of the 2015-2016 joint summer program. Dr. Altinkaynak is currently working on transforming the scientific research he conducts in partnership with Nagoya University into international renowned projects.  

Dr. Levent Kirkayak is also the co-coordinator for 2015-2016 ITU-Nagoya summer school program. Additionally, the advanced level of Japanese language and culture of Dr. Kirkayak dovetails perfectly in terms of contributing at a great extent to maintain communication and enhance the current collaboration between two universities.

We truly believe that such fruitful collaboration with Nagoya University is a remarkable example of ITU’s international engagement.

We appreciate the contributions of aforementioned professors and wish for a rewarding collaboration for both universities!

International Office